Catching Up with Nik Wallenda

Above: Nik Wallenda performs at National KidsFest 2012.

With less than one week until Nik Wallenda’s historic walk over Niagara Falls, the Wallenda Walks blog and Seneca Casinos recently reconnected with the high-wire stuntman via text message.  He will return in person mid-week to stay once again at Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls USA.

1.) You just began performances in Branson, Missouri, during National KidsFest.  What is one neat act you have in store for attendees?

We are performing our family’s trademark chair pyramid on bicycles as the finale to our show.  It involves three people, one chair, and two bicycles more than 30 feet in the air — with no net!

2.) Will you be wearing any special clothing (e.g., logoed shirt, hat, wet suit) for the June 15 walk?

No logos as of now.  I will be wearing a suit that will keep me dry, though… as dry as possible, anyway!

3.) Besides prayer and sleep, what’s one fun thing you’ll do that’s fun after the walk is done?

Enjoy life again with my family!  This project has demanded so much of my time and energy, and I can’t wait to just be a dad and husband again.

4.) What do you think of the ABC commercial

I like it!

5.) What one thing – anything – would you like to pass on to readers of our Wallenda Walks blog?

My thanks to all of the readers for your endless support!  I couldn’t do what I do without the support of all of you.  Keep me in your prayers… and let’s go make some history!

By senecawallenda

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