Nik Wallenda Untethered

No, Nik Wallenda is not untethered — he still has to wear a safety harness (per ABC News’ request) for the upcoming June 15 walk.  But Nik exclusively told the Wallenda Walks blog that “Nik Wallenda Untethered” would be the name he’d like for a slot machine… should one ever be created with his likeness.  (We asked him what he’d name such a slot machine, in response to the end of another exclusive update he previously provided to us.  Click here or see below for the video.)

Here are other questions we asked him via text message this past weekend, and his responses:

1.) Are you feeling more refreshed after a few weeks back home?

I’m definitely feeling somewhat more refreshed, but also more overwhelmed as June 15 draws near!  There are lots of “moving parts” happening right now.

2.) How was Memorial Day? Did you and the family do anything fun?

Memorial Day actually was a day of with lots of work!  We had a BBQ with the family that evening.

3.) When does your show in Branson [Missouri] start, and how are preparations for that?

The show begins June 9.  I’ve been rehearsing quite a bit lately for it.

[Editor’s note:  Here is a link with more information about the show —]

4.) Any new updates on the tether/harness?

The tether is being made now.  I’m still not too excited about it, and there’s not much time to practice with it.  All in all, the situation stinks.

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