Nik Wallenda Update – 5-24-12

Seneca Casinos connected with Nik Wallenda earlier this morning via text message to catch up with the “King of the High Wire.”  Nik returned home to Sarasota, Florida (see photo above), on Tuesday evening after 11 straight days of training on a 55-foot high, 1,200-feet long, two-inch-thick high-wire at Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel.

What have you enjoyed most about being back in Sarasota?
Being able to sleep without a camera in my face.

What have you NOT missed about Niagara Falls?
I really enjoyed being in Niagara Falls but the media was a bit overwhelming.

Any update on making the harness for the June 15 walk?
The harness is still being engineered right now.

Is the family happy to be back home?
YES.  It’s always great to be back in your own home and sleep in your own bed.  For me, [this past] Tuesday was the first night I had a full night’s sleep in two weeks.

We’ll give Nik some much-needed peace and quiet through the Memorial Day weekend, and will check in again early next week.

By senecawallenda

3 comments on “Nik Wallenda Update – 5-24-12

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  2. Pingback: Wallenda: Falls media is ‘overwhelming’ | The NiagaraHub

  3. The best thing in life is to see your dreams realized. It’s great when one of the good guys gets a win! Best wishes, Nik! ~frank

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