Nik Wallenda Training: Day 10 — One Day Left!

The crowds were as strong as ever today for watching Nik Wallenda train at Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel for his historic June 15 walk over Niagara Falls.  There is just one day left to see this free event before he heads home to Sarasota, Florida.  Nik will also take part in a family-filled entertainment event in Branson, Missouri, before returning to Niagara Falls around June 12.

Who knows what “tricks” Nik will have up his sleeve for tomorrow!  Word is, he did a hand stand on the wire yesterday.

Today’s media/public debriefing was truly an international affair, as a reporter with The Sunday Times (London, England) joined, as well as crews with ABC News 20/20 and China Central TV.

Nik is becoming more pleased with efforts by Niagara Falls USA to promote the event.  “It seems like everyone’s finally coming together,” he said.  “All I want is to have this be something great for Niagara Falls, on both sides of the border.  As for right here [around Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel], it’s incredible to see more people around, and I’d even be interested in building a permanent facility nearby.”

In addition to the increased likelihood of having to wear a safety harness on June 15, it also is looking more likely that Nik will walk towards Canada, because of better peripheral vision due to the mist of the falls.

More updates coming shortly!

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