Nik Wallenda Training: Day Six — Bello Joins!

Onlookers at Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel saw not one, but two high-wire walkers today, as Nik Wallenda’s friend and fellow high-wire walker, Bello Nock, joined him during the morning training session.  With Bart Simpson-esque hair that stands straight up nearly a foot tall, Bello is an easy person to spot!  

Firefighters also joined the wire in between training sessions, as they practiced “rescue techniques” to slide down the rope in the event they would need to reach (a dangling) Nik.

Much of today’s discussion during the media/public debriefing focused on whether or not Nik will wear a harness during his historic June 15 walk over Niagara Falls.  He would prefer not to, as he has never performed that way — but potential sponsors are currently asking for it.  (More news as this develops.)  Some of the media outlets in attendance included Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), New York Times, and Sarasota Herald-Tribune (from Nik’s hometown in Florida).

In addition to the photos below, be sure to watch the quick YouTube video of Nik walking “on top of” Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel.  (You’ll see what we mean.)

By senecawallenda

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