Nik Wallenda Training: Day Four

The weather keeps getting better and better… just like the crowds around Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel.  During the peak of the afternoon training session, hundreds — if not thousands — of people lined the bleachers and surrounding streets in humid 72-degree weather (22 degrees Celsius) to watch daredevil Nik Wallenda effortlessly walk a 1,200-foot high-wire suspended 50 feet (15 meters) above the ground.

Among the many media outlets on site today: a television station from Pittsburgh, a writer with the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun, and… USA Today.  Here’s a small clip of Nik speaking with the USA Today crew:

We learned a few more things today about Nik’s training:

  • The training wire (which is the same as the one for June 15) is two inches thick.  Nik, however, normally walks on a wire about 5/8 of an inch — the size of a U.S. nickel.
  • A large cross-section of the training wire represents “half” of what the actual walk will be like on June 15.  Hence, this is why the wire starts low to the ground on the south end, and rises to nearly 55 feet high by Seneca Niagara Casino’s hotel tower.  Nik is essentially walking “up one half” and then “down one half” as he traverses back and forth on this cross-section.
  • Nik hopes to have fire trucks (spraying mist) and wind machines on site as early as Thursday to help simulate conditions over Niagara Falls.

Remember to join us every day at noon near the bleachers for the media debriefings.  Nik graciously also answers questions from the public and takes a few minutes afterwards to pose for pictures and sign autographs (pending his schedule, of course).


NOTE: The camera attached to the end of Nik’s pole is part of ongoing footage being taped for an upcoming special on Discovery Channel.


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